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Scour Off Review: Ovens, Calcium, Showers and More!

Good Morning!  I am so excited to share another review with you!!!  One of my favorite things about being a Shaklee Distributor is hearing customer’s testimonies, whether it’s a weight loss story, an allergy recovery story, or a cleaning testimonies…I LOVE IT ALL!!!! 
A am about to share a testimony from a customer who is sharing her first experience using Shaklee cleaners. 
Kelly, from One Two Two & Co. Designs,

OneTwoTwo & Co. Designs

has extremely sensitive skin and was hesitant to try out these non-hypoallergenic products but she just had to see for herself if they were all as great as she had heard them to be.  She said here, “I have always been that type of cleaner that uses then harsh, strong stuff.  I always thought, the more it smells like bleach, the better it is cleaned.  Everything time I cleaned, my hands would blister up and my nose burned.. I guess it was just part of the deal.  After having a ton of issues with my hands, I finally went to the dermatologist only to learn I have a bunch of skin allergies.  So I would clean with my nasty products knowing my hands would pay for it but how else was I to get the clean that I liked.”  That is what she thought until she tried Shaklee.  After, she said, “I placed my order with excitement yet still spectacle.  Until today.. within in an hour after my receiving my shipment I had the inside of the oven cleaned, the sink cleaned and dishes washed.  My hands don't even feel like they have been cleaning and I didn't have to crack any windows because of the fumes.”  Isn’t that exciting?  I think so! :) 

This is what Kelly wrote….

Trying new things is sooo FUN!

First before I start, I just wanted to say that before I express my opinion on the following product, I am in no way being endorsed by this product or receiving anything for my reviews.  I was not asked by Shaklee to try these products, I simply learned about this product line from a fellow blogger and I thought I would give it a try myself, with that said....


I have mentioned that I learned about Shaklee from Bonnie over at House of Grace, it caught my eye because I have extremely sensitive skin so I have been in search for something that doesn't cause my hands to blister up with the thought of washing dishes.  Bonnie over at House of Grace is an Independent Distributor and done fabulous blogs about the products she has used that included before and after pictures.  But just reading her blog I had to try Shaklee.  So I ordered the basic stuff that I felt worked best for me, I started with the Shaklee's all natural Scour Off Heavy Duty Paste to clean my oven.
Warning... this is gross...
Here is the before

So I have no idea what that is that cooked on the bottom of the oven.  I will be honest, I have not cleaned that oven in years (eek!).  I dreaded the smell, those fumes from an over cleaner can knock you on your butt!

This will sound crazy but the paste smelled like berries!  I did not use gloves because I wanted to see what these cleaners will do to my sensitive hands, I know, I took one for the team.  So using my damp sponge I rubbed the paste on and let it set for a few minutes.  Wiped down with a wet rag, then a dry towel

The pictures seemed to have come out a little dark, but that oven shines, I could not believe it!  So I needed to find something this Scour Off Heavy Duty Paste could not clean....

Since Bonnie had shown on her blog how the paste got off water spots, I knew I had to try, what Bonnie doesn't know is that we live on a well  and the water is full of calcium, the only cleaner that can get these water spots off the Lime-away, so here we go...


I did the same thing I did with the oven, I just used a damp sponge and rubbed the paste on the "troubled" area.

Can you believe that shine?!?!?  The only took a couple of minutes!  Guess what I did with the Lime-away... I threw away  What else can I clean?!?!? The shower!!!!  That is a super gross mess because of the hard water, and the calcium build-up.

Yuk, that is just so gross.  I used my damp sponge and rubbed the paste everywhere, I really hard to work hard on this, took me about half an hour, then rinsed.

So my first experience with Shaklee has been amazing.  I have been cleaning like crazy and enjoying every minute of it, and so are my hands ;)
Tomorrow I will give you my review for my next weapon of choice.

Oh, I can’t wait to see what she will write about next!  Thanks Kelly so much for writing this!  I can tell that you have been busy cleaning and you did a great job!  We LOVE before and afters…so motivating! :)

Doesn’t it feel great that you can clean with un-blistered hands and actually get the job done? 

Plus, you don’t have to worry about you or your kids breathing in nasty chemicals just to have a clean house!

I truly appreciate you taking your time to write this for us! :)

(I did NOT ask Kelly to write this, she is just a satisfied customer!)

Please stop over to her blog and tell her how great her house looks! :)  She also has some neat craft and decorating posts and you should check out.

The product that Kelly kept raving about is called Scour Off


It is one of my favorite Shaklee cleaners.  You can see other ways that I used it here.

If you bought Shaklee from me and want to be featured and share your experience, please let me know!

I also have a sweet button that any of my customers can add to your blog!


Thanks for spreading the safe clean!

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