Wednesday, January 26, 2011


All is not lost on my faux pas of yesterday...

I sent out a couple of emails in search of tips and lifelines after stupidly deleting MANY comments on some recent posts. In case you missed it...

I love love love crossing stuff off lists, cleaning clutter from closets, emptying my inbox...

Soooo I was poking around in my blog (note to self, stop poking around in my blog) and I had opened my dashboard. And so there in comments are all the comments I have ever received. I thought why do I need all these, they are on the posts on my blog right? So I started deleting them 25 at a time...


Thank goodness I stopped out of boredom and distraction. Can you imagine if I had powered through all three thousand and some comments and deleted all of them???

Fast forward to today.

I found a link on google. What did we do before google? A kind techno savvy person explained how to undo this mess I made. To a point. I was able to recover the comments still in my email account and repost them one by one.

It was so worth it.

I didn't recover all I lost and sadly there are two posts with no comments on them at all. One is my day spent with LAURA from 52 FLEA and her sis LYNN and SUSIE from FROM MY HOME TO YOURS. Well I have the pics and the memories. That's what I get for being such a cleaner upper.

I promise this is my last post beating myself up over this. Thanks to everyone who tried to help and who offered their thoughts.

Spilt milk right?


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