Thursday, February 10, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday - #14

Ready for 7 Quick Takes? Here we go...
(this post also contains random photos from the last 9 months. Hope you like them.)
  1. Moses ate TWO WHOLE bananas for dinner tonight. Normal, good-sized bananas. And he'll only be 7 months old tomorrow. Isn't that nuts? Who eats this much at 7 months old?

  2. I finished Stepping Heavenward a few days ago, and decided that I think I'm going to keep it in an annual rotation. It's so relevant for the life of a young Christian mother-- I highly recommend it!

  3. The No S Diet is still going well. I think this week, the thing I've noticed most has been the way self-control is starting to come more naturally. When I was cooking tonight, I didn't want to sneak a bite or two before I sat at the table. Last night when I sat down at the table, I didn't mind waiting to cut up the kids' food before I got to mine. For a mondo-nursing mom like me (read: hungry 24/7), that's some real self-control. I'm impressed with this No S lifestyle. My smart husband said, "so basically, self-control breeds more self-control". I think that's it!

  4. Massages. I love em. It's my "luxury thing", I guess. I hadn't had one in years, so last year for my birthday/our anniversary/Christmas, I asked for a package of a few massages. I've spaced them out since October, and now I have one left. I'm thinking of just getting a classic full-body Swedish massage, though I really really love reflexology. What's your luxury thing?

  5. Thoughts on moving. We've had a rough go of it, trying to find an apartment. And I'm really going to miss our great view of this vast city. Most likely, any apartment we take after this one will have a view of other buildings... it just doesn't get much better than this. At least not in our price range. :)

  6. I made beignets (New Orleans' style donut-like pastries) for dinner tonight. Man, they are so good! There's enough dough left over to have them breakfast a couple days this week too! These things are tasty and so so easy!

  7. Hairstyles. I'm a long-hair girl. I've gone short before, but I really prefer long. Don't really care for bangs. So what am I to do? I don't have time to keep layers looking good... any ideas for me? Links to pictures of ideas? Anything? I need to refresh the look, and would love to hear your advice.

Have a great weekend!


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