Monday, February 7, 2011

A Writing Nook for Charlotte

As mentioned in a previous post, this Perkins Brailler has become a permanent fixture in our home. 


Just like you and I need easy access to a pen and paper, little Charlotte needs something quick and accessible too. And just like sighted children who develop writing skills by first scribbling with crayons, Charlotte “scribbles” on her brailler. 


However, her “crayon” is bigger and heavier than most, and can’t be simply tucked in a drawer.  So, we tucked it in a closet instead. 


We took off the closet door, and my handy husband made a desk top and built it in.  I lined the back of the closet with burlap for a bulletin board effect.


I painted and distressed an old chair a creamy white, then used a thrift store shirt to make a little skirt.  If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ll know this wasn’t my first time repurposing clothing.


I thought the tag in the shirt was so cute, I decided to utilize it.

When I started out this project, my vision was for a wall of vintage braille flashcards above her desk. But when was the last time you happened upon vintage braille flashcards?  Me neither.  So I made my own…


I found raised stick-on dots at the craft store.  Score!


We can easily take the flashcards on and off the metal hooks for practical use.  They are for Charlotte to learn by touch and for the rest of us to learn by sight.


I often think how humorous it is that God would place a blind child with me…  a woman so obviously drawn to aesthetics.  Perhaps it’s to help me “see” things from a different perspective.  Yes, I’m sure that’s part of it.


But I suppose if nothing else, Charlotte has a mommy that will happily help her decorate her first home.  :)


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