Friday, February 4, 2011

How to Protect Your Skin From Harsh Winter Weather

How to Protect Your Skin From Harsh Winter Weather

The climatic conditions during winter are completely different from that in summer. The cold and harsh weather will leave your skin dry, chapped and cracked. Our skin gets dry because of the heated air indoors and the
cold weather outside.
So we have to take care of our skin and adopt some healthy tips to save your skin from the harsh winter. Here are some tips which will surely help you to keep your skin flaw less, soft and healthy this winter.

1. Drink Water. 

2011 01 11_2021

The first and most important thing is to eat healthy and drink loads of water and keep your body hydrated. Once you are healthy it will surely show it on your face. Also eat lots of fruit and healthy food.

2.  Exercise. 

2011 01 11_2022

Regular exercise will warm you up and it will also keep your muscles limber. Exercise will increase the blood circulation and it will bring a glow to your face. It will also help to boost your immune system, which will help you fight off nasty cold and other disease.  Plus, you will feel great and keep the winter weight off! :)

3. Moisturize.


Apply a good moisturizer which is suitable to your skin type. Carry your moisturizer wherever you go and keep moisturizing your skin. Don't let it dry out!

4. Sunscreen.


Use a good sunscreen. Don't avoid sunscreen just because its winter.  Also, you can look for a A.M. treatment with SPF! :)  That’s what I do! (2 steps in 1…that’s how I like to think!)

What other tips do you have to help your skin in the winter?

Talking about the cold, check out our snow we got from the blizzard!

This was my neighbor’s house.  The snow was about 7 feet high.  My husband helped them shovel!

2011 02 02_2196 

Here is my hubby out shoveling!  What a guy! :)

2011 02 02_2203 

Here is a view from my back window.  The snow is as high as our grill.

2011 02 02_2206 

Here is my hubby before he headed out! :)

2011 02 02_2218 

Our street needed a front loader and a plow truck because of the massive drifts.

2011 02 02_2247 

The snow was really high!

2011 02 02_2251 

It took them a long time it to clear our road.

2011 02 02_2252

The kids loved watching! :)

2011 02 02_2255 

They LOVE trucks.

2011 02 02_2264

Did you get hit by the blizzard?

Stay warm! :)




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