Monday, February 28, 2011

Organize your Life Winner!

Good morning! :)
I just wanted to give you the winner of my Organize your Life party!

[Organize your LIFE[3].jpg]

I picked the winner from and the winner will win a copy of the book Organize Now! by Jennifer Ford Berry.

2011 01 23_2114

I love this book and it gives great week by week challenges.

2011 01 23_2112

Here are the results…

image The winner is…

A Home Made by Kiki

A Home Made by Kiki!!!! 

Congrats Kristina!  I was so happy to see that it was Kristina because she is a Shaklee distributor on my team and she is the sweetest ever!  And aren’t her daughters soooo cute?

Please visit her blog! and say congrats!  I can’t wait to see how she will use this book in her organizing posts.

Here are some of her organizing posts if you need more inspiration!  (she inspires me.)

A New Planner for a New Year

My Entryway Closet

My Junk Drawer

My Daughter's Closet: Simplified

My New "Command Center"

How I Organized My Schedule

Simplified DVD Storage

Since this week, we are organizing our cleaning schedules, I thought I would also show you some ways she cleans.

My Glass Cooktop:

Carpet Stains:

Windows/appliances/floors/tables/laundry stains:

Wow!  Great motivation!  She makes me just want to get up to clean and organize!

Congrats again Kristina!!! Email me for your prize.

If you would like to order your copy of Organize Now!, please go here…

Come back tomorrow and link up to my Twice Owned Party!

I will also being hosting a Tupperware giveaway this week!!!!

If you have something you would like me to giveaway, please email me at

Have a great day! :)




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