Monday, February 21, 2011

Thoughts of Spring

We had a warm, cozy fire over the weekend.

Every time we have a fire in the fireplace, we always ask ourselves why we don't have them more often. For some reason, our fires are lit in the coldest months of winter. As I suggested to Mike, a summer fire...with the windows thrown open and the chirping of crickets outside...why haven't we done that? 

My hydrangeas are already budding, inspiring some spring reading (or at least the thought of spring reading)!

I added an orchid to the mantle in anticipation of the changing seasons.

Ever since the babies arrived, we've been spending most of our days in this room (which was tidied up before I took pictures!). For wear and tear (and spills and leaks), I typically throw a quilt over the couch. Baby swing is by Nature's Purest. 


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