Friday, February 11, 2011


Have you ever had something happen to you, or NOT happen to you and you felt like you somehow dodged a bullet? Was it luck? To me, it's only luck if it's something like winning the lotto or finding a ten spot on the sidewalk. If you avoided harm or injury then for me it's a guardian angel watching over you. Here's my story...

Yesterday my Mom was having a cardiac ablation in Tampa, so I went down to go with her. I left home at a little before 7am and drove the hour and 15 minutes to her house in Winter Haven. From there, myself, my sister and brother~in~law and Mom traveled about 45 minutes to Tampa. We arrived at 9:30ish and didn't leave til almost 8pm. Praise God her procedure went well and she is home resting and recuperating today.

So we arrived at her house last night at 8:30 and after giving instructions to my sis~in~law on her care, I left to make the drive home. Have you heard the expression "hitting the wall"? Well I had physically hit the wall. I was sleepy, stiff from sitting in hard chairs all day and hadn't eaten any dinner. I realized quickly that it was gonna be a long drive home, and I really needed to go home as I had things to do today and I didn't want to deal with morning rush hour in Orlando.

I was passing through Lake Alfred, a teeny little town, making my way out to I~4. I know you can't picture it but they have re~configured the streets there and the old way of getting through town is now gone and replaced by a somewhat confusing new grid. I made the first turn and came up to a light where I thought I needed to turn to head out to the highway. I turned and started driving on what I thought was a two lane road staying in the right hand lane. A couple of approaching trucks flashed me. I thought, "okay thanks for the cop ahead warning" and kept going.

I was driving into oncoming traffic on a one way road...

I panicked. I stopped right in the road. What do I do? My head wasn't clear at all.

And then I took the only option that seemed to be available and drove up onto the huge curb and onto the shoulder not knowing if I would drag bottom or would my Expedition even make the jump. I turned around and headed back to find the right route that I needed. I was shaking and exhausted and scared out of my mind.

I made it to the interstate and struggled home. It was the longest hour and a half of my life. Was it luck? No way.

I had a guardian angel. Of that I am positive. When I think of how it could have turned out I am shaken. It wasn't meant to. Have you had an experience like this and if so did you recognize it for what it was?

I learned a lesson from last night. I'm not superwoman. I must accept my limitations and not put myself in harms way. I might have to inconvenience myself a bit to be safe.

To be here.


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