Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Great "turnkey" Companies for Women

Have you been thinking about working from home?


Well, CBS NEWS just did a piece about great companies for women to start at home businesses with!

They called these companies “Turnkey” companies because you can turn the key and start today!

“Most of the set-up work already done and only small investments needed to help busy women get started in business”

Can you guess what company they mentioned???  Yup!  SHAKLEE!!!

site home

This is what they wrote about Shaklee…

The key thing to know about Shaklee is that it is the No. 1 natural nutrition company in the US and is focused on creating the most sustainable and effective whole health product on the planet. To get started, Shaklee offers a full kit of products for $600. They also have a less expensive kit at $300 (with slightly fewer products), but there's also the ability for new distributors to start for $40...but for that price they only receive business materials (no products). Under their compensation plan, people earn between 20-50 percent and have the ability to participate in a car payment program, trips and other cash bonuses. Their sweet spot is women aged 35-45 that have come out of the workplace or want to come out of the workplace and create their own businesses. These are people that have a passion for healthy living and understand that the things they put in, on and around their bodies make a difference in their long term health. Their key product categories include Healthy Nutrition (core and targeted health solutions), Healthy Weight (weight management), Healthy Home (natural non toxic cleaning products) and Healthy Beauty (personal care products).

Here is the video from the news segment.  (Shaklee is last so make sure you watch the whole video)

I LOVE working from home and love Shaklee!  This is a great fit for me and my family!!

Do you work from home?

What company do you work for?  Would you like to do a giveaway on my blog?  I love helping other small businesses.  Just email me and let me know.

Have you been thinking about Shaklee? 

Read my story HERE and email me for more details to see if this is right for you! :)

If you join before March 31st, you can get the Cinch Sampler Kit FREE.  (details below)

Have a great day!



Also, don’t forget that you can get a FREE SHAKEE CINCH SAMPLER KIT (over $100 value) with the purchase of a Shaklee membership (a $19.95 one time fee to save you 15% off ALL orders including your first order) or ShakleeDistributorship ($39.95) AND a $70 order at member price (MN).  To get this special,  place the products in your cart, and then it will tell you that you qualify for the free Cinch Sampler Kit at the top.  After that, sign up as a member or distributor. You DO NOT need to place the sampler kit in your cart…it is automatic, just make sure to check if you qualify.   Please note, if you become a Gold Ambassador, you do not need to place an order to get the free kit.  Please email me at donahuewellness@hotmail.com for any questions.  ***Plus, I will let you know of ALL OF MY NEW MEMBER SPECIALS!!!***  You can read about my Cinch results here and my sister’s amazing story here.


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