Saturday, March 19, 2011

How I Organize my Mail

2011 03 14_3050

Hello everyone!  I hope you are enjoying you the nicer weather.  I am loving it and and so are the kiddos!  :) 

Last week, I showed you that I bought some great clearance items from Target and now I want to show you want I did with them!

This is what I bought…

2011 03 11_2960

I really LOVED these files because of the colors!!  They are brown,  blue and green. 

2011 03 11_2963

My “newer“ house colors are blue and brown so I thought these would look great on my butler’s pantry.

2011 03 11_2964

They even came with labels and everything is eco friendly! :)

2011 03 11_2965

Grace (my little organizing helper) and I went through all of our papers and made piles.  (We kept them in our mail drawer before.)

2011 03 14_3043 

I also got out this sweet file box that I bought at a garage sale for only $5!  I love it!!  It’s black and sharp looking so I can leave it out.  I also like how I can move it around to go through or hide it when we are having a party.

2010 06 03_4614

Here is what I did!

2011 03 14_3045

I organized all my papers in my files.

2011 03 14_30622011 03 14_3051 2011 03 14_3052 2011 03 14_3053

It is very organized and it is easy to look for things.

2011 03 14_3054 

I even added a slot in the back for my current magazines!  :)  I love to read Better Homes and Gardens, House Beautiful  and Traditional Home Magazines and Pottery Barn catalogs.

2011 03 14_3055

This is just to temporary keep my mail holder until I file it or take care of it.  I file the things I need regularly in this filing cabinet and everything else (like manuals and things over a year old) in the basement filing cabinet.  (Yes, I know I spelled “Deductibles” wrong, lol.) 


I love how it is organized and looks nice too! :)

2011 03 14_3057

It is like a new piece of furniture, lol!

2011 03 14_3059

I keep it on my butler’s pantry.

2011 03 14_3064

How do you organize your mail?

Have a great day!



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