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How I Organize my Pantry and a Tupperware Giveaway

2011 02 25_2356 

I showed you Part 1 and Part 2 of my Organized Kitchen but today,  I wanted to show you a closer look inside of my pantry.

It had been like this since we moved in and it works for me.

I mostly use Tupperware in my pantry, so I thought a Tupperware giveaway would go great with this post.   Heidi from The Craft Monkey will be giving away FREE Tupperware to one of my followers!!! :)  YAY!  But first I will show you how I organize my pantry.

Here is a far shot.  As you can see,  I LOVE the Modular Mates!!!!  My pantry is not very big and that is why it is really important to keep it organized!

2011 02 25_2357

Let’s start with the top shelf.  Here I keep my grain grinder.  Yes, I grind my own grain and have been doing that since we got married and love it!  I freeze the flour right after I grind it to keep it fresh.  (I use a Freezer Mate to store it in.)  I also keep my salt in a jars up here.  I buy Celtic Sea Salt.  That is the ONLY salt we use.  (I am not getting paid to say that.)  I also keep some other things up there like banana chips and extra tortilla chips.

2011 02 25_2358 

Next, I have lots and lots of Modular Mates.  I just switched things around so I still need to finish labeling.  One day, I would like all matching tops but because I built my collection up slowly, I have several different colors.

2011 02 25_2359 

Again, here are more Modular Mates.  I really like the Super Ovals because I have a deeper pantry.

2011 02 25_2360

Surprise, more Modular Mates.  You can see some of my grain on the right side.

2011 02 25_2361

Here, I keep some of my small appliances: crock pot, blender, ice-cream maker and waffle maker.

2011 02 25_2362

At the bottom, I keep a basket for red potatoes, sweet potatoes and onions.  I also keep my apple peeler in there because it fits and on the side the basket, I keep my french fry cutter. 

2011 02 25_2363

All kitchens need a fire extinguisher.   So, here is mine!  Do you have one?

2011 02 25_2364

I know this is weird, but I just hang my apron around the shelf and tuck in the corner.  It works for me! :)

2011 02 25_2365

Here are some of my labels that I still need to add.

2011 02 25_2367

I found some labels that you can print out from Heidi’s site.  You can make your own labels. 

Print Your Own Modular Mates Labels
It's easy to print your own Modular Mates and Spice Container labels when you follow these simple steps.

  1. Purchase Avery Labels #8167 (clear or white) for your printer type—ink jet or laser printer.
  2. Insert a page of labels in your printer.
  3. Open the attached Microsoft Word file and select "file, print" and send to your printer.

Here is a great list of spices. 

spice_container_labels (1)

Here is a great printout for your drinks and snacks.


And here is another printout for your backing and pasta labeling.


I painted chalkboards on my pantry door (I showed you here how I did that) and LOVE it.

I can write cute things on it.

2011 02 25_2369


Or I can write things that I need to buy on it.

2011 02 25_2368 

This is not part of my pantry but I have a baking cabinet where I keep all my baking supplies.   (My whole kitchen is organized in sections which I love.) 

I also love to use the Modular Mates here.

2011 02 25_2370

I love keeping everything organized! That instant coffee is actually pure coco!  I  love that stuff.  I need to make more labels, huh? lol

2011 02 25_2378

I also need to get more baking soda, haha!

2011 02 25_2379

Above my stove, I keep my popcorn which is right next to my popcorn maker.  We do NOT have a microwave…they are bad for you!  So we pop our own popcorn which is sooo yummy anyway! :)

2011 02 25_2371

So that is how I organize my pantry and a little more!

Now, onto the giveaway!!!


Heidi from The Craft Monkey Blog is giving away a Spin ’N Save Salad Spinner to one of my followers!!! :)  Thanks Heidi!

Prepare, serve and store salads in style with this remarkable, all-in-one product. Fill the basket with your favorite salad fixings, then spin away excess moisture by turning the large knob. Anti-slip feet let you spin without spilling! The outer bowl makes a beautiful serving piece, and the coordinating seal enables secure, airtight storage. Sheer Ice Bowl and Chili Seal, Basket and Spinner. 4-qt./4 L capacity.

This retails for $52.50!!!

I LOVE this salad spinner!!!  When I wash my lettuce I use Organic Basic H.  Works great!

I also want to share some of my other favorite Tupperware items that I have with you.

You already know, I love the Modular Mates.




My kids LOVE these Popsicle Molds and we make are own popsicles almost everyday in the summer!


I still use this classic to make my own salad dressings.



I LOVE all the Freezer Mates.


I also really like the knives.

I have many other favorites but this post is already too long, lol, and I know you just want to enter to win already.

I almost forgot,  here is a look at the current specials…

Tupperware Flyer


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Good luck! 

I will announce the winner next week!!!!




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