Wednesday, March 16, 2011

How to Organize Your Personal Information

Welcome to Week 5 of our Organize your Life series!

Organize your LIFE

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I am reading and using the book called Organize Now! by Jennifer Ford Berry to help me organize my life and let me tell ya…I LOVE IT!!!!  And from what I am reading from others, they are too! :)  Don’t forget, you can link up your posts about this series to Jennifer Ford Berry’s Facebook Page HERE for more blog exposure.  :)

2011 01 23_2114

You can buy the book here…

This week, we are starting a new chapter in our organizing series!  We just finished organizing our ourselves and now we are starting to organize our papers.

2011 03 09_2912

This week’s challenge is…

2011 03 09_2917

This is a VERY important challenge!  By completing this challenge, you will be really helping family in case of an emergency!!!  Do you have all your family’s important information together if needed?  Is everything together?  Is it some place safe?  Would you be able to locate it in an emergency?

2011 03 09_2918

This week’s  challenge is:

Decide where you are going to keep your information.

We keep mostly everything on our computer but we also have some files and the really important stuff goes in our family’s safe.

Organize it by category.

Finances.  Get a credit report and check your budget

Health.  Make sure your records are updated.

Safety.  Get all emergency numbers together, copies of credit cards, vin numbers, etc.

Personal.  Take new pictures of yourself, spouse and children and write date, weight and height on the back. 

Get a fireproof safe.

We actually registered for one when we got married because we wanted to make sure we were always “safe”.  We keep everything in there…

all certificates (marriage, birth, baptisms, etc.)

our will  (if you don’t have one, GET ONE NOW!)


digital copies of all our pictures

computer back up drive

wedding negatives

jewelry and other valuables

For a more detailed list of goals and helpful tips, check out Organize Now! today…I love this book! :)

2011 03 09_2935

I found this printable on my Microsoft Word Program and I thought you would like it.


I know this is not a super fun challenge but it is really important to every family and can really help in a crisis situation. 

Please follow along and share.  We love reading and getting motivation from others.  If you link up, please post my button on your blog so we can help others organize their life too! :)  Thanks!

I will also be featuring some of your posts soon! :)

Organize your life




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