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How to Organize your Priorities

Welcome to Week 4 of our Organize your Life series!

Organize your LIFE

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I am reading and using the book called Organize Now! by Jennifer Ford Berry to help me organize my life and let me tell ya…I LOVE IT!!!!  And from what I am reading from others, they are too! :)  Don’t forget, you can link up your posts about this series to Jennifer Ford Berry’s Facebook Page HERE for more blog exposure.  :)

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You can buy the book here…

This week’s challenge is…

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This is great time to organize these because I know a lot of you are re-thinking your priorities with Lent starting.  It is great to check and make sure that we are making time for  what is truly important to us and our families!  When you organize your priorities, you have a better chance of actually keeping them! :)

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Here are your goals for this week:

Jennifer wants us to ask ourselves:

What and who is important to me?

God and my family are the MOST IMPORTANT things to me!

What motivates me?

My children motivate me daily to be a better wife, mother and person.  They motivate me because I know they are ALWAYS seeing and watching what I am doing.  I don’t want to be a bad example and I want my actions to speak louder than my words!

What do I want to accomplish in my life?

My main goal is help grow my family grow in faith! I want to raise a spiritually, emotionally and physically healthy family.  I want to be the best mother and wife that I can be.  (This is not a religious blog but I am just sharing my personal goals with you.)

If I could change anything in my life, what could it be?

I would like to get and stay organized so I can spend less time on my house and more time on the floor with my kiddos!

Make a list of your TOP 10 PRIORITIES!

One thing that Jennifer wrote that really struck me is, “Your priorities should reflect what is important to you. If you don’t decided what they are, others will decide for you.”  I think that is great and really makes you think!

Here is my TOP TEN priorities list!

God/Prayer.  I pray morning prayers with the kids every morning in the car on our way to school.  We say Grace before meals and we have family prayer before bed.  We do go to church every Sunday but we recently started using our churches childcare for the boys and that has been a huge help for us.  We also do church/school activities with other families and try to make God the center of our life.

Husband.   It has been natural for me to put my kids before him because…well…they were needy.  I am going to try to be a really great wife and remember that my husband should come next on my list.  (Except when the kids really need me of course, lol!) We even started dating again and I LOVE it.  (see more below)  I feel like we are in high school again! :)  We met  and started dating when we were both 15!

Children.  They are totally my priority!  I have ALWAYS wanted to be a mom for as long as I can remember and LOVE it!  I honestly, find myself making the kids too much of a priority if that can even happen. lol!  Does that happen to you?

Family/Friends.  I love my family and we stay connected through all the new networking technology now but beside actually seeing my family,  I love the phone!  I talk when I am folding laundry.  It makes to time go faster and I can actually talk to them.

Health.  I try to be extremely healthy!  Maybe a little overboard sometimes but I am happy with the results so far.  I try to serve my family healthy, unprocessed foods.  We eat a lot of fruits and veggies and very low to no sugar.  My husband and I also try to eat low carb. I try to buy locally and organic if I could,  but I pretty much only shop at Trader Joe’s for all my food (except for our eggs and milk because we have Oberweis deliver to us weekly…it is just so convenient.)  and Shaklee for all our supplements, personal care products and cleaners.  I keep a very strict sleep schedule for my kids and encourage them to be active. 

Dates with my husband.  We just started dating again, lol!  We finally found a babysitter that we love and it’s like a whole new world for us, haha.  Having a sitter that we can trust is wonderful!  We would use my family to sit for us sometimes but they live kind of far so it was very hard to go out. We have been going out weekly now and I really look foreword to our dates. :)

Reading with the kids. (We read with them every night!  Seriously, that is sometimes my favorite part of the day.  I can just relax and read a fun book with the them or now that my daughter is reading, I can listen to her read.  Aww, music to my ears!) :)

Game nights with the kids.  We do this about 4 nights a week after dinner and we ALL love it!  We will just sit on the carpet floor in our family room and play a game or cards with our children.  Even our little Matthew joins in and is usually on my team, which means squirms all over me, lol!  But he LOVES it and he thinks he is playing.  It’s so sweet. :)

Exercise.  I feel so much better when I am on a workout routine.  I think it is a good example and makes me happy and we all know…  “If the mama is happy, the family is happy!”  LOL!  But seriously, it’s true.  Us moms can set the mood for our family!

Shaklee/Blogging.  I can’t forget Shaklee/blogging, lol!  Shaklee has changed my life and I love it!  Besides keeping us healthy and I can earn income for our family while still being at home!  :)  I also love blogging!  I really feel connected with other bloggers and have truly been inspired by so many blogs!  I read blogs more than I watch TV, lol,  but I am not sure if that means too much because I haven’t watched TV in almost 2 weeks.  Did I mention, we don’t have cable/dish?  You don’t need it.  Remember, we are priorities our life here, lol!

Keep your list in a place that you can see it and be reminded by it daily. :)

Compare your list to what you are doing now and make changes to fit in your priorities.

Schedule your priories into your planner NOW!!!  Make the TIME! :) 

2011 03 09_2913

So now it is your turn to take a look at your life and your priorities!  Please follow along and share them with us.  We love reading and getting motivation from others.  If you link up, please post my button on your blog so we can help others organize their life too! :)  Thanks!

Organize your life



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