Saturday, March 19, 2011

It's a Wonderful World!

Rory, now 13 weeks old, and ready to enter the big wide world! I wondered what he'd make of it all! But, what a beautiful day for his first proper foray into the outside.
Nic had made him a super little coat in readiness for his outside adventures. Keeping him still long enough to capture him in his new attire proved a tad difficult!
So here is a picture of his bespoke coat, modelled on the arm of our settee! Clock the lovely bias binding and covered button detailing!

And here it is, on the intended model!

And a little closer up!

Needing a little reassurance about this outdoor lark!

All this outdoor play is tiring!

Now time for some more exploring....

Yey, my favourite pink squeaky mouse!

Phew, a hard day....wonder what tomorrow will bring.....
Suffice to say he's now busy snoozing!


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