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Spring Cleaning Dusting Routine

Hello!  I hope that you all had a great weekend!  My hubs and I spent almost the whole weekend working on our next organizing project!  I am so excited to show you, but we still need a little more time before I show you the results!  Maybe, I will show you a sneak peak midweek.

Anyway,  because we are all in spring cleaning mode and I have been super busy, I am going to re-post a spring cleaning post that I wrote last year.

Here ya go…

If you’re one of America’s 40 million allergy sufferers, you probably already clean everyday to minimize allergens. Even if you clean daily, allergens may still be hanging out in your house.  To really control dust mites your house should be deep cleaned 2 or 3 times a year and Spring in a great time to refresh your home after the long winter. 

Here are some spring cleaning dusting tips…

Wear a face mask (if allergic to dust)

Use a microfiber cloth, a Basic H Wipe or damp cloth for dusting: I love using Basic H Wipes!!!

2010 03 29_1925

2010 03 29_1927

2010 03 29_1926


I damp my cloth my all-purpose Basic H solution!!!

Dust early: If you are allergic to pollen, you should finish your cleaning before pollination begins because you want to keep your windows open to allow your house to breathe.  (especially if you are using chemical cleaners)

Use a HEPA filter on your vacuum:  HEPA filters can trap very fine particles, like pollen and dust mite feces, which can trigger allergy attacks

Work down: I like to start at my ceilings and work down to the floor.  That way if dust does get into the air and fall, I can still get it as I work down.

Here is what I dust….

ceilings and walls

2010 03 29_1911

ceiling fans

2010 03 29_1909

2010 03 29_1921

curtain rods

2010 03 29_1915

light fixtures

2010 03 29_1918

2010 03 29_1908

2010 03 29_1910

2010 03 29_1913

2010 03 29_1916

hall hangings

2010 03 29_1917


2010 03 29_1914

2010 03 29_1932


2010 03 29_1928

furniture and bookshelves/shelves

2010 03 30_2428

lamps and decor

2010 03 30_2429


2010 04 12_2002


2010 04 12_1997

stair casings

2010 03 29_1922


2010 03 29_1912

2010 03 29_1920


2010 04 12_1996

window sills

2010 03 29_1931

cold air returns

2010 03 29_1924


2010 03 29_1930

refrigerator coils (more shown below)

2010 03 30_2423

vacuum and wash floors (more shown below)

2010 03 30_2436

2010 01 12_2394

Don’t forget to wash all bedding.

To to really get hidden dust and help your refrigerator you NEED to vacuum your refrigerator  coils.  This should been done at least twice a year.  Mine was really bad, I think that it had been a year.  Here are some before and after pictures.

Before (I told you that it was bad)

2010 03 30_2418

Here is the cover.

2010 03 30_2419Here is the after.2010 03 30_2421

I vacuumed under the front and the back.

2010 03 30_2422

I was only able to get the first and last grates because I couldn’t get my vacuum any further.  As you can see, it is really dusty.  But at least I was able to get what I got.  And my fridge started to work better immediately.

2010 03 30_2423

Remember to clean your vacuum filters regularly.

Now is a great time to do it again so you get the best suction for your deep spring cleaning.

Here is my filter before I cleaned it.

2010 03 25_1809

Then I took out the frame.

2010 03 25_1810

Next, I put a couple of drops of Basic H straight on it.

2010 03 25_1811

Here is it after.

It was sooo easy.  The hardest part was waiting the 24 hours for it to dry.

I am obsessed with vacuuming!

2010 03 25_1812

I also washed out the lint holder.

2010 03 25_1813

Ahh, much better!

2010 03 25_1814


2010 03 25_1815


2010 03 25_1816

It is also important to clean out and hair or lint that might be trapped the the brushes.

2010 03 25_1817   

Now I know that I will get the best suction!!!!

That makes me vey happy! :)

After dusting and vacuuming my whole house, I washed my floor to make sure all the dust was gone.

I only use a chemical free, organic, non-toxic cleaner called Basic H.

2010 03 25_1823

Are you surprised? Lol!

I love it and use it for everything!!! Seriously!

Here are some pictures.


(It doesn’t usually get this bad EVER, so it makes a great before)

2010 03 30_2434


2010 03 30_2438


2010 03 30_2444


2010 03 30_2445

It’s even safe enough to let your little ones help!

2010 03 30_2446

After you have dusted, vacuumed and washed the last room in your whole house, make sure to take out all your garbage, wash all of your microfiber clothes and other cleaning items thoroughly.

So, there it is!!!

My spring cleaning dusting routine!

It feels so great to be done, now onto the rest of my mile long list.

I hope that this was helpful and good luck on your spring cleaning!!!!




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