Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring Cleaning has Begun

I started my spring cleaning!!!!  I was going to make a big link up party, set dates and have us all clean together (and I still might) but I couldn’t help myself,  I started, lol!

It was beautiful outside and it got my REALLY motivated to clean! haha! 

I wasn’t planning on cleaning at all.  It started out with having my kids clean their rooms before heading outside.  I need to by strict about this early in the season so they get in a good habit of picking up everything first.  They need to pick up their rooms and all toys before going out this summer.  I hate coming into our house, after having so much fun outside, to a messy family room full of toys.  So, anyway, we were cleaning their rooms with their windows open and that got me to vacuuming, “deep clean” dusting  to washing their windows.  It was great!  I gave each of them a spray bottle and a cleaning cloth and they helped!  They had fun “spring cleaning” their rooms with me!  Plus, I gave them each a star, lol!  (I will write about our Star Sheet soon.  It is plain, simple and really works!)

Then, I put my Matthew down for his nap and Grace and Michael went outside.  After that, I was like a crazy cleaning lady, lol! 

I “deep clean” dusted the house.

Swept and washed the floors.

2011 03 16_2995

I wiped down all the cabinets.

2011 03 16_2996

I wiped down the counter tops.

I washed the fans and glass.

2011 03 16_2998

I washed the other light fixtures.

2011 03 16_2999

I washed the dishes. (I mean, the dishwasher did it for me, lol.)

Marinated chicken for grilling.  (I know that is not cleaning but I was excited about of first grill out!! :)

I just couldn’t help myself!  I got a lot done in a short amount of time!  It feels great!!! :)

I did all my cleaning with Basic H and a few drops of an essential oil added to the spray bottle for a fresh scent.  (Basic H doesn’t smell. like anything.)  I just used any brand of oil.

Basic H2 Organic Super Cleaning Concentrate

After Matthew woke up, we all went outside, played and then grilled out!

Here are some photos.

Matthew was being a little stinker here, lol!

2011 03 16_3000 

They loved the fresh air!

2011 03 16_3002

Grace couldn’t wait to ride her bike again! :)

2011 03 16_3004

I couldn’t wait for my hubs to grill for me again, lol!

2011 03 16_3003  I am glad that I got a great jumpstart on my spring cleaning because as soon as it gets a little nicer out,  I will be spending most of my time outside with them! :)

2011 03 16_3007

Did you start you spring cleaning yet?

How is it going?

Do you do a little at a time or all at once?



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