Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Beginning of the Purge

As you know, I am following along with Ann Marie over at White House Black Shutters, doing the 40 Bags in 40 Days Challenge!


Well, I printed out my Challenge Printable and filled it out on my new clipboard. (more about the clipboard below.)

2011 03 11_2968 

Look how cute it is… I love the pink!!

2011 03 11_2969 

This took some thinking to fill out but I liked it!

2011 03 11_2970 

I tried to include everything!

2011 03 11_2971

I also made sure to add extra days and a final catch-up day.  (I am sure I’ll need it!)

2011 03 11_2972

I really started with a BANG!!!!  Looks at my donate bags! :)  Those are ALL boy clothes!  I went through all of the clothes and really wanted to cut back.  I even decided to part with my baby boy clothes.  :(  That was really hard to do.  What made it easier, was knowing that I was giving them to a family that will use them! :)  I was able to make more drawer space and empty 4 HUGE plastic bins!  YAY!!  Now I can fill those bins with more stuff in get rid of.  

2011 03 10_2992 

I want to go through my decor at the end but I was able to start a little pile.  I bought these items from a garage sale but never found the “right” spot yet so I am going to keep my eye out for a good place for these items.  If I don’t find them a home, they are getting out of here!  I just can’t keep every cute thing I find.  I will keep looking for a spot though, heehee!

2011 03 11_2959

I went to Target to find some helpful organizers.  (They are on clearance now!)

I found these drawer organizers!

2011 03 11_2952 

I LOVE that they are clear!  I bought I pack that included a lot of little ones…

2011 03 11_2954 

…and a great big one!

2011 03 11_2955 

They even have rubber dots on the bottom which is awesome because my other ones slide around.

2011 03 11_2956 

Here is a picture of the sticker in case you wanted to see the brand.  I LOVE THESE!!!  I want to go get more.

2011 03 11_2957

While I was there, I found other great clearance items.

2011 03 11_2960

I think this planner in better than the one I have now.

2011 03 11_2961 I

love the colors too!

2011 03 11_2967

It was under $3 so that was sweet! :)

2011 03 11_2962 

I also found these cute files! :) 

2011 03 11_2963

Again, I LOVE these colors.

2011 03 11_2964

They even come with cute tabs.

2011 03 11_2965

I LOVE these clear clipboards.  They are not too distracting and will match any room in the house.  Plus, I think they were only $2 each! :)

2011 03 11_2966

I also found a new spring table runner.

2011 03 11_2942

I couldn’t wait to put it on my table. (I didn’t even iron it first, lol!)

2011 03 11_2947

Did I mention that it was on clearance too?  It was under $5!!! :)

2011 03 11_2945

I think it matches perfectly and it’s putting me in the mood for spring.

2011 03 11_2941  

Are you following along with this challenge

How is it going?

Are you de-cluttering your home?



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