Sunday, March 20, 2011

White Washing

So it’s been quiet here on this little ‘ol blog… 

image found

but not due to inactivity.  At this house?  Never! 

image found here

We’ve been busy beavers, laying wood floors for the first time ever. 

whitewash8image found here

Pine boards for the master bedroom, found for 80 cents a square foot via craigslist (of course). 

whitewash6image found here

Cheaper than carpet.  Can’t beat that!

whitewash3image found here

We drew inspiration from these photos and others like them.

whitewash2image found here

Can you venture a guess what look we’re after?

whitewash1image found here

We figured we didn’t have enough white around here, so we’re creating more. 

image found here

We’ve been surprised with the process.  Details of how we are going about it to come.


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