Saturday, April 2, 2011

40 Bags and Organizing Update

Happy weekend!!!!  I hope you are enjoying it so far!  We are going to be busy…again, lol!  Scott and I are going to a big church fundraiser dinner!  That will be fun.  We have a lot of friends at our church.  What are you doing today?

Have you been doing your 40 Bags in 40 Days challenge?

I have been trying, lol!

I have been using organizing everything lately!  I will pretty much go through anything to keep me from organizing my basement, haha!  Actually, it is not that funny,  it needs it BAD!!!

Anyway,  I reorganized my junk drawers again!  (I told you I was doing everything, ha!)

This is our main drawer!  Here, we keep our “daily essentials”. 

 2011 03 19_3133 

We usually keep our phones in here at night!  During the day, the don’t leave our side, ha!

2011 03 19_3134 

Golf balls are essential for my hubs…don’t ask me why…I don’t get it either! Lol!

2011 03 19_3135 

Gotta have the shades!  By the way, I just got a new pair at Target ,on clearance for only $4.95!  BooYah!

2011 03 19_3136 

These are the drawers in my butler’s pantry.

2011 03 19_3137 

I keep some of our chargers in here along with some furniture markers (love those), a multi-purpose screwdriver and labeler.

2011 03 19_3138 2011 03 19_3139 2011 03 19_3140 

Here, I keep some mics. needed stuff!

2011 03 19_3141 2011 03 19_3142 2011 03 19_3143 2011 03 19_3144

I also have been busy going through our house.  I found a huge bin of toys to get rid of.

2011 02 25_2381

I also went through mu closet again and found A LOT to give to my sisters!!  I still want to go through my closet again.  I am feeling like I want our whole family to have less clothes.  I don’t think we need that much and I hate doing laundry and putting all the clothes away.  I think my life would be easier with less.  I told you here how I went through the boys’ clothes,  I feel way better without it! :)

2010 12 19_1580 

I am linking up to Ann Marie’s 40 Bags in 40 Days link up party!  See ya there! :)


How is your 40 bags/Days going?

Enjoy your weekend! ;)


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