Saturday, April 30, 2011

Go to Bed with a Clean House for a Less Stressed Morning

Hello everyone!  I hope that you are enjoying your week!  We have been really busy with family events.  :) When we are busy, I house seems to fall apart really quickly!! I am not sure what happens but we are in and out so much and it’s hard to keep things in line.
One of the ways that I try to keep a clean is house is to go to bed with it clean and tidy!
2011 03 25_3148 
If I take the extra time at night to pick up,  we wake up feeling great and less stressed! :)  My kids go to bed at 7pm so I have time to clean up and relax with my hubs!
2011 03 25_3151 
Then I can spend my day doing activities, projects, homework, cooking, etc. and not worry about the house as much.
2011 03 25_3152 
I clear and wash the counter.
 2011 03 25_3154 
I do all the dishes.  Sometimes my hubby helps with that!  :)
2011 03 25_3156 
I don’t like a lot on my counters…I like to KEEP IT SIMPLE!
2011 03 25_3157 
I listen to my music while I clean…that totally helps me! :)
2011 03 25_3158 
I wash out the sink!
2011 03 25_3159 
Get the coffee ready.
2011 03 25_3161 My butler’s pantry is sometime our “dumping ground” as you can see. 
2011 03 25_3166
I have the kids help clean the family room before they go to bed.
2011 03 25_3165  I will also try to check the bathroom and do a quick wipe down.
2011 03 25_3169 
So, that is how I try to keep a clean house and a less stressed morning! :)
2011 03 25_3170 
Do I do this every night?
No, but I try to and when I do, I feel so much better!!!
What is you trick to keeping a clean home?


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