Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Healthier Easter Basket Fillers

Hello!  Are you busy getting ready for Easter? 
I just got  back from Trader Joe’s and wanted to share with you some of the “healthier” items I am putting in the kids Easter Baskets this year.  I don’t give my kids a lot of junk and sugar so I am always looking for better/healthier choices.
This is what I found…
  2011 04 19_3548 
Haha!  Do you think I am the meanest bunny ever? lol!  But, trust me, my kids will LOVE getting apple sauce, ha!
2011 04 19_3549 
They love bars!  (I guess the Easter bunny loves TJ’s as much as me, lol!)
2011 04 19_3550 
More bars.
2011 04 19_3551 
These are cute little packs of trail mix without the sugar!
2011 04 19_3552 
Ok…here is the sugar.  I only got this because we went to the TJ’s Easter Egg hunt and we won them.  (Don’t worry, the kids didn’t see this one…I am sneaky!)
2011 04 19_3553 
They love these lollipops and they are made from real fruit!
2011 04 19_3554 
They love crackers!
2011 04 19_3555 
They also really like their fruit strips.
2011 04 19_3556 
I also found some fun, kid stuff at my neighbor’s garage sale!  SWEET!!! :)  I will add this stuff to their baskets.
2011 04 19_3557 
2011 04 19_3558 
How lucky to find Easter stuff right before Easter!! :)
2011 04 19_3559 2011 04 19_3560 2011 04 19_3561 2011 04 19_3562 2011 04 19_3563
They will LOVE everything!!
And all of this is healthy!!!
What is your “Easter Bunny” bringing?
Do you make “healthier” baskets?
Have a great day!


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