Friday, April 29, 2011

Homemade Barrettes

Do you have 10 minutes?
In ten minutes, I made several cute, barrettes for my daughter!!!
I don’t have great pictures because this was a last minute project.  I keep all my materials in this basket.  I was already in the process when I took this photo, ha!  I wasn't planning on blogging about it but I thought I would after I started.
2011 04 19_3564 
I just use my hot glue gun.
2011 04 19_3565 
I use flowers, ribbons, buttons, sequence, etc…pretty much anything that I can find.
2011 04 19_3566 
2011 04 19_3568
(Again, sorry about the blurry photos.  It really was a ten minute project.)
2011 04 19_3567 2011 04 19_3568 Here are the afters!  I love them and so does my little girly girl! :)
2011 04 19_3571 2011 04 19_3572  2011 04 19_3574
We love making barrettes together!!!
They are fun, easy and cheap!
What quick and fun project do you like doing with kids?


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