Wednesday, April 27, 2011

How to Organize Magazines and Newspapers

Welcome to Week 10 of our Organize your Life series!
Organize your LIFE
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I am reading and using the book called, Organize Now! by Jennifer Ford Berry, to help me organize my life! :)
2011 03 09_2934
Are you a magazine subscription junkie?
Can you remember the last time you actually had the time to read one of the many magazines or newspapers that you’ve bought?
Do you have several years of the same catalogs piled high?
This week’s challenge is to…

Organize your Magazines and Newspapers!
2011 03 09_2928  
This is pretty easy for me because I only subscribe to three magazines (and that’s only because I got a great deal on them) and we don’t get any newspapers.
I get Better Homes and Gardens which is my favorite!
2011 04 20_3600
I also like Traditional Home just because I like looking at all the pictures, hehe!
2011 04 20_3601 
Lastly, I get House Beautiful.
2011 04 20_3602 
I would LOVE to get more but I don’t even have the time to really read the ones I have now.
After I am done reading them,  I give away, sell at my garage sale or recycle. 
Currently, this is my collection…small, huh?  I just read blogs now, lol!
2011 04 20_3603 
I saved a couple that I still need to read and a couple other good ones that I like to look at once in a while.
2011 04 20_3604 2011 04 20_3605 
I keep them in my drawer to look at before bed.
2011 04 20_3607
Or in my kitchen mail holder for easy access downstairs.
2011 03 14_3055
Every month
Recycle anything that you don’t want to read!
Cut out any articles that you want and put them in a plastic protector in your magazine binder.
Binder Magazine Holders
Every 3-6 months
Go through magazines and binders and organize.
Magazine Holders
Every year
Cancel subscriptions that you don’t want anymore.
2011 03 09_2929

Next week is organizing your email, so get ready to link up! :)
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Thanks for following along.
Happy Organizing!!! :)


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