Monday, April 4, 2011

Little Pink Booties

The little pink booties fit Margaret. She had them on several weeks ago but they were still a little big. Today they fit. 

These sweet booties hold a lot of meaning for me. I bought them many years ago while looking for a baby boy gift for a friend. I couldn't resist them as I always dreamed of having a little girl. 

Then came the five years of infertility...But I dug them out just before our IVF procedures, of which it just so happens to be the one year anniversary this week. 

To keep my heart full of hope and faith, I set the booties on my bedside table. Every night I looked at them while Mike gave me my shots. When we learned we were pregnant, they stayed there as a sort of promise for the rest of my pregnancy. 

Today I put them on my daughter Margaret and I felt very blessed. 

Little pink booties.... 



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