Friday, April 1, 2011

Spring Cleaning and Shaklee Special

Hello everyone!  First,  I would like to THANK everyone who ordered Shaklee from me!  (Please grab a button from my side bar)  I am so happy to share Shaklee with you!! :)  I LOVE helping others!!!  If you have been thinking about trying Shaklee, this is a great time to try!  Shaklee has a great Earth Day Special going on right now.  (More info at the bottom of this post!)

Now, on to cleaning and organizing!  Woo Hoo!

We have been busy around here!  (Well, when are we not, haha!)

The BIG PROJECT that I told you about has been put on hold because of all the family events that we have doing.  (Those always come first!)  But I will give you an update!

We are re-organizing our garage!  I think that we have a great, organized garage

2010 05 22_3955


I like I told you here, we got a new family member.  Not by my choice! 

(picture taken from iphone)


Yes, my husband got his dream Harley without thinking where it would fit in out 2 1/2 car garage! 

Isn’t that a total guy thing?

(that extra 1/2 is already packed with tools, junk, bikes and toys.)

Anyway, I had to find a way to make it fit!

Don't’ worry, he did all the real work, heehee! :)  I just came up with the plan.

I had him take down my organizers.  (Don’t worry, something else is going there.)

2011 03 13_3098

He did prep work.

2011 03 19_3115 

He had to gather all his junk that was on his work bench and go through it!!! 


2011 03 19_3121 

We don’t have room for it anymore.

2011 03 20_3111

Say bye-bye!

2011 03 20_3112

I had him put in new shelves for all our stuff.

2011 03 19_3130

The shelves go around half our garage.   I can fit a little over 30 large bins on them!!!  YEAH!!!!!  I LOVE BINS!

2011 03 20_3107 

I LOVE these shelves!!!!

2011 03 20_3109  

While he worked, the kids played!

2011 03 19_3118 2011 03 19_3119 

And I took everything off our front porch and gave it a good sweeping, blowing and I washed the windows!

2011 03 19_3124   

Oh yeah!  He also washed out the garage!  I am liking this! :)

2011 03 20_3110 

We have more to do but I am lovin’ this so far!!!  I love an organized garage!!! 

I will show you more when we finish!

What spring cleaning projects have you been working on?

Link up about posts below to show us!!



Now on to Shaklee’s EARTH DAY SPECIAL!!!

I am so excited to let you all know Shaklee is offering…

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I am on a mission to help them! :)

Consider this: one family deciding to convert to our non-toxic biodegradable household cleaners keeps the equivalent of 5,000 bottles of conventional "ready-to-use" glass cleaner out of landfills. What would it mean if 50,000 families did the same? A great big thanks from the planet, and from people all over the world who share this wonderful home we call Earth.


If you have been considering becoming a distributor, you can now get more!!!  Contact me for more info.

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Have a great weekend!



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