Sunday, May 15, 2011


It's so serendipitous... A little more than one year ago, I was working on the garden cottage just like I was yesterday, and something caught my eye near the door. Do you remember the story?

Well last time I only got a shot of the nest and the ill~fated egg that had fallen out. This time I got these beautiful pics of mama herself.

Go HERE if you'd like to revisit the first story or if you didn't catch the first attempt. I left the nest from last time in the sconce as an homage to the egg that didn't make it, and to my delight the mama re~used it. I think she reinforced it a bit and since it isn't perched precariously on a flower pot like it was before I think there's a stronger chance for her egg to stay safe.

I have to say I was really surprised that she stayed right on the nest even when I quietly went about my business right near her. I spoke softly to her and reassured her that I wouldn't hurt her and what a good mama she is. She really seems to trust me. I love that...

Keep your fingers crossed please.


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