Saturday, May 7, 2011

Basic H Review

Hello!  Today,  I want to let you know about another Basic H review!  YES,  another one.  As much as you may be sick of hearing about my Get Clean Line, I am still getting emails from people liking these posts and giveaways.  I hope that this post will at least get you motivated to clean!  I love reading about other’s cleaning before and afters.  It is so inspiring to clean and/or organize, isn’t it?  Or is that just me?  I am a little crazy like that sometimes, heehee! :)
Anyway,  Christina, from Christina’s Adventures tried Basic H for her first time and wrote about it here!
She is also giving away 5 samples for you to try if you want!
Here are some of her pictures!

To read her full post and enter to win, go HERE!  Good luck!
Buy Shaklee products here.
Thanks so much and have a great day!!! :)


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