Monday, May 23, 2011

Beyond the Red Door - Thornham Walks

Finally, this weekend, I got to Thornham Walks to see Jane's work, Rural Collusions!

It was a great opportunity as the photographic gallery, Beyond the Image were hosting a photographic walk with the chance to take loads of pictures! We met at the Gallery before setting out, past the little antique shop with loads of vintage bikes outside....

And out into the sunshine where Jane's work greeted us as we strolled around Thornham Walks.
Mushrooms galore! The last time I saw these was at Halfpenny Home and now they've found their way onto a tree!

Beautiful roses adorned the Walls of the walled garden

And just look at the sunshine lighting up the veins of these leaves

Jane's moss carpet looked very comfortable and seemed to have settled in really well into it's surroundings. I just loved the colours and the way the dappled light filtered across it.

I also loved seeing the pom pom trim on this really colourful line of yarns and trims!

This looked lovely swaying in the breeze.

One that you could easily miss, but I thought was inspired, was Jane's intricate placement of red yarn in this tree bark. Brilliant!

Single flowers in all their glory.

Colourful bark - the real thing this time!

A magnolia flower

A place to rest in the walled garden

Amazing funghi

A little folly tucked away in the corner of the estate

A field of flowers

I can't remember the last time I visited Thornham Walks but it is a beautiful and relaxing place made all the more delightful for Jane's work.



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