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How to Organize your E-mail

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Hello!  Welcome to my series called “Organize Your Life”!

Organize your LIFE

I am reading the book called Organize Now! and following the weekly challenges!


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For many people, especially bloggers, this is extremely challenging!  I know, for me it is!   It’s not that I am not good at staying organized, it’s just hard to keep up with them and the house, kids, husband, school, church, ect.  You know what I mean.

I thought that I would share some of my tips as well as ones from the book!

First off, welcome to my office…

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Ok, this is not my real office!  I just like working in my kitchen! :)  I usually get to sit down by the computer when my little Matthew is napping!  Grace and Michael play where I can still watch them!  I get out my laptop, water, coffee and snack and get to work!

2011 05 11_4620 

They are really good and keeping themselves busy while I work! :)

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When I sit down, my email usually looks like this…

2011 05 11_4624

I do what I can while my son is napping and then I save the rest for night time after they are asleep.  I don’t like to spend too much time on the computer while they are up.

I also love my iphone.

2011 05 11_4641

At night,  I switch over to my night office…the couch…hehe!  I like to be cozy while I  work! :)

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Weekly Goals

  • Go through ALL emails and delete ones that you don’t need

(This is very hard to do, especially if you are a blogger and/or have a online business.  I find that having an iphone has really helped me.  Since I get a lot of emails,  I can easily respond to emails through my phone without getting on my computer.  I can answer emails throughout the day instead of having them pile up.  Even with my iphone, I seem to always have a pile of emails.  About once a week,  I will sit down after the kids go to bed and just answer all my emails.  I am the kind of person that gets really stressed out if I unread emails.  I LOVE emails, going through them and bringing it down to only a 2 pages of emails.  Yes, 2 pages is good!  This summer,  I am going to get a momma’s helper one day a week so I can get to business!  YAY… That will really help!)

  • Go through sent and deleted emails

(I try to do this every once in a while.  I could improve on this!)

  • Set up folders to organized emails

(I have a folder for EVERYTHING!Currently, I have 47 folders!  That really helps me stay organized.  I have a folders for school, church, blogging, Shaklee, Shaklee training, Shaklee members, Shaklee emails, online receipts, advertizing, tax write offs, fundraising, political, fun emails, etc.  I have been using the folder system for years!)

  • “Unsubscribe” to all unwanted lists/newsletters

(At the bottom of every group email, there should be an “unsubscribe” link.  Just click it and enter your email address to stop getting those unwanted emails.)

  • Set up emails to view as a preview so you don’t have to open it all the way

(This really helps me view my emails.  I use hotmail, but I just go to Emails Settings, then Reading Email and then change Reading Pane Settings.  Then you can choose your settings.)

  • Update e-mail address book

(I am always updating my email list!  If I get a new email contact, I enter it right away and add it to a group so I don’t forget! I have 16 groups.  By doing this, I save a ton of time when sending emails out!)

  • Update anti-virus software

(For me, this is easy!  I tell my husband to do it, lol)  YES, I make my husband in charge of this kind of stuff.)

2011 03 09_2931

How do you keep your e-mails organized? 

Are they organized?

Do you use a system?

I would love to hear about it!! :)

Please link up ANY Organizing Posts below!! :)


Organize your life

Have a great day!



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