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How to Organize your Mail

Welcome to my series called, “Organize Your Life”!

Organize your LIFE

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Alright, back to the challenge…

I am reading the book called Organize Now! by Jennifer Ford Berry and following her weekly challenges!


2011 03 14_3050

I think that we are pretty good about this.  I actually like going through the mail.  I feel so light after it is done.  Does that make any sense?   If I don’t get to it, I feel heavy and weighed down.  (Just like the email, but the email is easier for me!)   I go through the mail as soon as I get it and I try to pay the bills right away too!

I use this file box that I bought at a garage sale for only $5!  I love it!!  It’s black and sharp looking so I can leave it out.  I also like how I can move it around to go through or hide it when we are having a party.

2010 06 03_4614

Here is what I did!

2011 03 14_3045

I organized all my papers in my files.

2011 03 14_30622011 03 14_30512011 03 14_30522011 03 14_3053

It is very organized and it is easy to look for things.

2011 03 14_3054

I even added a slot in the back for my current magazines!  :)  I love to read Better Homes and Gardens, House Beautiful  and Traditional Home Magazines and Pottery Barn catalogs.

2011 03 14_3055

This is just to temporary keep my mail holder until I file it or take care of it.  I file the things I need regularly in this filing cabinet and everything else (like manuals and things over a year old) in the basement filing cabinet.  (Yes, I know I spelled “Deductibles” wrong, lol.)


I love how it is organized and looks nice too! :)

2011 03 14_3057

It is like a new piece of furniture, lol!

I keep it on my butler’s pantry.

2011 03 14_3064

***Mail Organizing Goals of the Week***

Go through ALL mail and toss the junk mail. I do this almost everyday because I don;t even like bring the junk mail in the house.

Set up a mailing system and place for stamps and labels.  (Use files, bins, baskets, drawers, etc.)  I love having a system and so does my husband! :)

Go through all your magazines if you haven’t already!  I hope you did this already but you can go through them this week.


***Mail Organizing Tips***

Toss junk mail daily.  This is a total time and space saver!!

Write down important dates right away.  Is should be obvious but to a lot of people, this is challenging.  I find that if I don’t write it down right away, I will forget or it will always be in the back of my head bothering me, lol!

Use Online Bill Paying.  This is time and money!!!  I feel comfortable with this, but do what is right for you.

Keep a paper shredder close by.  I need to get a new one.  I always break them, lol!  What is wrong with me, ha!  I just broke our 3rd one and I don’t buy the cheapest one.  I just like to fit in as much as possible, lol!  I am just trying to save time.

For more great tips and ideas, please read Organize Now!!!

For more tips, Beckie from Infarrantly Creative posted about ways to cut down on mail, go here to read it!

How do you organize your mail?

What kind of system do you have?

Please feel free to link up any organizing post here and to help spread the word, can you please add my button to your blog?  Thanks so much! :)


Organize your life

Have a great day!


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