Monday, May 16, 2011

Mollie Makes!

A new magazine landed in the Halfpenny Home post box last week and it's caused a huge amount of excitement amongst the crafty persons around these parts...
The cover shows some lovely crochet used to make these pretty apple jackets! I'm not usually found hooking as I'm more of a knitty girl but I was inspired and using some string made a little basket which will no doubt end up housing some buttons at HH HQ sometime soon!

The step-by-step linen eggs also got me going! Jacqui and I had discussed offering up these old linen bundles before - perfect for small projects and lovely to adorn with embroidery and buttons!

Meanwhile any visitors to HH HQ just lately will have noticed the abundance of colourful hand-painted knitting needles everywhere - the new colours are lovely with this deadly shade of purple...

the ever popular red and blue (Halfpenny Home colours...!)

AND my favourite colour green!

Aren't they gorgeous? Nic x


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