Tuesday, May 17, 2011

More on Basic H and only 3 more days for a FREE Shaklee Membership


I am so grateful for everyone wanting to help me create healthier lives!!!!

It is amazing how moms can network about this kind of stuff! :)

I just wanted to share a couple more photos with you before the FREE MEMEBERSHIP deal ends!  (You have 3 more days!!!)

Hilary, from We are The Rollers Blog, shared her experience with her readers and I thought I would show you as well, to read her whole post, click here!


Don’t you just LOVE that picture!!!  They are soooo cute!

This is what she wrote…

Recently, I have been looking in to some Shaklee cleaning products. I have heard great things about the company, and their cleaning products are not only safe for your health and safe for the environment, but they are really inexpensive when you break down the cost compared to your every day cleaning products. Well, House of Grace, a blog that I follow, is joining Shaklee's goal of creating 50,000 healthier homes, by switching to all natural cleaning products. So I was able to test out their all purpose cleaning product, "Basic H" if I would spread the word about my experience with the product.

Let me first mention: Once I was informed that my samples were on the way, I purposely didn't clean my bath tubs or sinks. If I was going to test out a cleaning product, I wanted to see how well it would handle build up, hard water, and the junk that builds up in those areas. So, don't be too incredibly disgusted by the "before" pictures. I know. They are gross. Don't judge me.

Moving on...

Bathtub Before


Bathtub After


Sink Before

Sink After
Baseboard Before
Baseboard After
This is under my sink right behind our garbage can....
Bottom of sliding door...



*Side note: I did not do any scrubbing in these pictures. I sprayed on the Basic H, walked away for a few minutes, then came back with a wash cloth and wiped clean. I felt like if I did any hard core scrubbing, it wouldn't be a realistic assessment of how well the product actually worked.

Thanks Hilary for sharing this with us!  You did a great job cleaning!!!

Thanks for helping other families get clean and green! :)

I you have been thinking of trying Shaklee, remember, only 3 more days to get the FREE MEMBERSHIP SPECIAL!!!  We also have the #1 supplements, the best children’s supplements, anti-aging products an amazing skin care line and healthy weight loss program!!! I LOVE it ALL!

To get the special. make sure you have at least $30 of member’s priced products in your cart!  You will also need to sign up as a member (you will not be charged) and fill out the application!  You will also receive another House of Grace special!!! :)  Please email me for more information at donahuewellness@hotmail.com.

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If you posted about Shaklee, please let me know and I will feature it and share a link on my facebook page to help other families get healthier!! :)

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Have a great day! :)


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