Sunday, May 22, 2011

Our Family Trip to Florida

Trip to Florida

I am way overdue on this post!  Several weeks ago, we took a family trip to Florida!

My husband’s Mom, Grandma and Aunt all own condos in the same complex so we had a place to stay.

I am only showing a few (compared to what I took) pictures and I am going to try not to bore you with lots of details.

We drove to Florida.  I don’t want to say where we live, but it took a loooonng time to get there!

2011 04 21_3586

The kids were GREAT but at every gas station, we let the kids run around and stretch their legs.


2011 04 21_3930 2011 04 21_3935 

We went out to eat a lot on the road.

2011 04 21_3943 2011 04 21_3950 

More running at a state park.

2011 04 21_3956 2011 04 21_3958 

My hubs!

2011 04 21_3969 

Ahhh, quiet time…

2011 04 21_3975 2011 04 21_3977 

We had beautiful views from the road.

2011 04 21_3979 

We stopped at a Children’s museum.  The kids loved it!!!

2011 04 22_3841 

       museum collage     We stopped in Atlanta for the day and night!

Atlanta collage

So cute!!! :)

2011 04 22_3898 

This is at Centennial Olympic Park.

2011 04 22_3906 

We had a lot of family relaxing time!

2011 04 23_3788 

We celebrated Easter!

2011 04 24_3626 

They had to find a lot of lost eggs!

2011 04 24_3649 2011 04 24_3655 

Easter collage

Out for Mexican!!!  Oh,  I love it! :)  I was a little burnt here…opps!

2011 04 26_4354 

We went to the beach!

Beach collage

florida pic

We took everyone on a Pirate’s Cruise for Michael’s 4th birthday and he loved it!

2011 04 27_4181 

They each got a piece of gold.

2011 04 27_4183

They had the most fun ever!!!  There was a lots of fun entertainment for the kids!


Prirate collage

2011 04 27_4196 

Our little pirate!!!! :)

Michael collage

Cruise collage

Fun with the Grandparents!

2011 04 27_4200

I loved just relaxing by the pool!!!

2011 04 29_4005

swimming collage

pool collage

We also went mini-golfing and alligator feeding!

mini golfing collage

The whole trip was so much fun!

The best part was just being with the family!!!

This was just what our family needed!  What was really nice, was that we did just the amount of activities… not too much or too little! :)

Did you go anywhere for spring break?

Where is your favorite vacation spot?


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