Monday, May 2, 2011


So recently I hit the fleas in search of fresh goods for the Fall show at MARBURGER FARMS in Texas.

First up was RENNINGER'S ANTIQUE FAIR in Mt. Dora FL, which takes place every third weekend of the month. I was pleasantly surprised at the dealer population and what they had to sell.

I snagged a pair of these wooden awnings. Love awnings!

I also found a fab old factory cart that would make a great coffee table, a killer lampshade destined to be wired as a chandy, an old frame in original white crackly paint, an iron crate with old blue paint and a cute little metal table. Atop the table is an iron piece that was the base to something, maybe a serving dish? Very frenchy.... I also found this great framed photo of an old hotel complete with guests on the porch in their Victorian attire. Love it!

This past Saturday I traveled to Lakeland FL for THE FANCY FLEA, a twice yearly show held on Kentucky Avenue in the cute downtown area. I was really blown away by all the great vendors many of whom I know personally.

My friend Deb's booth was so pretty. She owns a shop in St. Cloud FL called VINTAGE SOUL that is a must see...

Next to Deb was Lisa who also has a shop in St. Cloud called HOUSE OF ENVY. Among other things she sells these gorgeous blingy flip flops that would kill in Texas!

Here are some random shots taken at THE FANCY FLEA...

And what went home with moi, you ask? A fabulous chippy painted drawer with a great old bin pull, a funky little pink foot stool, a mirror and my fav fav fav.... a blue glass jar with a crown motif that says CROWN. And just as luck would have it, they had PEONIES at Whole Foods!!!! The jar stays at the house of SWEET PEA, it's just too darn perfect!


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