Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Singing the Blues

And the winner is… blue!  I appreciate your votes and comments.  My Norwegian friend, Margitta, from White as Linen reminded me of this post from the Milk and Honey blog.  The gist of it was that exterior and interior colors should coincide.


I snatched this image a while ago from the Sea Cottage blog.  I filed it away as the image that most expresses the pallet I desire for my home.  Do you see a speck of coral red?  Nope.  Blue and Green?  Yes.


After three different stores, a plethora of blue paint chips and three painted-on samples, I settled upon “Laughing Eyes” by Ace. 


Don’t you love the name?  It is the perfect mix for the door… not too blue, not too green, not too light, not too dark.  Just right.  We think! 


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