Thursday, June 30, 2011

Coat Closet Turned into a Functional Organized Closet

2011 06 26_5816
Welcome to Week 17 of our Organize your Life series!
Organize your LIFE
  I am excited to show you my finished coat closet transformation!
First,  I will show you our awful before picture!!  (We all like seeing the befores, right?)
2011 05 29_5262
Oh yes, that was really what it looked like!  Embarrassing, I know!!!
It has looked like that for almost 4 years too!  It was just one of those places that I never tried to organize and would just close the door, ha!  Please tell me you have a place like that too!  Ok, maybe I am the only one but at least I finally organized it! 
Well, my hubby helped.  Oh, and the kids did too! Smile
2011 05 29_5263
Here they are installing my new shelves.  By the way,  I picked up all my shelves at a garage sale for only $30!!!  YES!  All we had to do was buy the backs and the things that hold up the shelves.
2011 05 29_5264
We just shoved everything on the table and I started going through it!
2011 05 29_5265
I like the shelves!
2011 05 29_5266
But,  I am obsessed with bins so I had to get some!
I love the ones at Walmart!  I bought the bigger version of the ones that I used to organize my crafts.
photo (6)
Here are some after shots!
2011 06 26_5814
Now everything has a place!  BooYah!
2011 06 26_5815
I also made labels for every bin!
2011 06 26_5816
There is little to no room for shoving now!  I just love that,  I am forced to stay organized now!
2011 06 26_5817
I show you a little of the afters in a previous post but I will show you more today!
We keep our keyboard at the top!
2011 06 26_5818
Then our toolbox.  By the looks of it, I will be needing to find a bigger one!
2011 06 26_5819
It was easy to fill all the bins!
2011 06 26_58202011 06 26_5821
I love this bin, “Give to People” because I always have so much stuff to give away or people keep leaving their stuff here so now I have a good place to keep the stuff.
2011 06 26_58222011 06 26_58232011 06 26_58242011 06 26_58252011 06 26_58262011 06 26_58272011 06 26_58282011 06 26_58292011 06 26_58302011 06 26_58312011 06 26_58322011 06 26_58332011 06 26_58342011 06 26_58352011 06 26_58362011 06 26_5837
So there ya go!  My coat closet was turned onto a functional closet!
2011 06 26_5817
What do you think?
Do you have a closet like this?
What are you organizing now?  Anything?  Or do you take the summer off?
I am still using  Organize Now! by Jennifer Ford Berry but I have been posting a little of schedule.  I will get back on track when the kids go back to school!
What have you been organizing lately?
Show us by linking up!!!
(You can link up any organizing project that you have been working on!)
Organize your life
Have a great day! :)


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