Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Easy Nacho Platter

2011 06 19_5660
Hello!  The time has come where we are party house hoppin’ every weekend so thought that I would share one of my favorite appetizers to make!
2011 06 19_5661
Everyone likes a good nacho platter, right?
2011 06 19_5662
I make mine simple, easy and healthy!
2011 06 19_5663
Nacho Platter
Bottom Layer
I just mix (in a food processor)a good salsa with a package or 2 of cream cheese
(you can also use refried beans and sour cream)
Then I add…
lettuce (cut small)
shredded cheese
green onions 
Enjoy with your favorite bag on chips!  I like the multi-colored flax chips from Trader Joes.
That is it!  EASY… and it goes down fast! Just don’t forget to bring the chips!
It always seems to be a big hit at parties!
What is your favorite appetizer to make?


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