Thursday, June 9, 2011

Get Clean {Closets}

Hello everyone!  I hope that you are enjoying your first week of summer so far!  We had extreme heat and then lots of rain.   We already started our summer activities,  I know that this summer will be a little crazy with everything going on.  This is the first summer that the kids are in a lot of activities.  The older kids are in gymnastics twice a week and in vacation bible school.  Michael will also be in T-ball and all the kids will be in swimming lessons.  They are loving it so far.  I will let you know if it gets to be too much.
Welcome to Week 15 of our Organize your Life series!
Organize your LIFE
Anyway,  I am still following my plan to organize one thing a week!  I did change my plan again this week, lol!  I am following the book, Organize Now! and loving it but I skipped to organizing my storage areas this week.  It started with me going through the kids summer clothes and then I ended up going through  2 kids’ closets, my closet and a storage closet, ha!  Even though, I just had another garage sale, I still ended up going to the Goodwill several time to get rid of more stuff!  It felt great! :)
2011 06 09_5456
I went through and organized my closet again!
 2011 06 09_5403 
I went through all my clothes again.
2011 06 09_5404 
And shoes, purses, etc.
2011 06 09_5405 
I use this shoe rack to keep things organized.
2011 06 09_5406 
I keep all my long-sleeved clothes on one side.
2011 06 09_5407 
And the rest on the other side. 
2011 06 09_5408 
I went through my jeans and sweaters.
2011 06 09_5409 
I got rid of a lot of my hangers and I am switching to the plastic ones. 
2011 05 05_4579
I am changing them out one load of laundry at a time so I can see what I am wearing and not wearing.
2011 06 09_5410
This is my husband’s side of the closet. 
2011 06 09_5411
2011 06 09_5412
I had helpers, of course! :)
2011 06 09_5413 
I just hang up my purses for now.
2011 06 09_5414 
I usually keep my laundry basket on the floor but it was in the laundry room when I took these photos!  I have been really good about laundry lately and I am trying not to let it pile up.
2011 06 09_5415 
Our closet is off of our bathroom so it is easy to put our dirty clothes in there.
2011 06 09_5417

Next, I went through my daughters closet.
2011 06 09_5418 
I went through all her clothes to get ready for the summer.
2011 06 09_5419 2011 06 09_5420 2011 06 09_5423
I keep a lot of her stuff in bins.
2011 06 09_5421 
In these bins, she keep her play clothes, baby stuff and play food.
2011 06 09_5422 
Here is an extra blanket if she needs it.
 2011 06 09_5424 
I moved everything into bins because I think it is easier to put away and keep organized.
2011 06 09_5425 
She has some puzzles and a basket of stuff on her shelf.
2011 06 09_5426  I added this little set of hooks (that I bought at a garage sale for 50 cents) for her purses and stuff.
2011 06 09_5428 
Next, I did Michael’s room and closet.  I
just love his new “M”.  (I know that has nothing to do with his closet but it is so cute, lol.)
2011 06 09_5430 
I went through all his clothes.
2011 06 09_5431
And his WHOLE closet!!  I got rid of A LOT of his stuff!!!
2011 06 09_5432 
Here are some of his puzzles.
2011 06 09_5433 
Ok, yes, I did get rid of a lot of his stuff but only because he just had a birthday and got a TON of new toys that we now keep in the basement.  The toys that were in his closet were not used a lot so I am keeping this space open for new things.  I don’t want you thinking that they don’t have any toys, lol!  TRUST ME,  they still have WAY TOO MUCH, haha!  I just wanted to clear out before summer since they are outside almost all the time anyway.
2011 06 09_5435 
Here are more bins.
2011 06 09_5436
I keep a lot of his clothes in this dresser too.
2011 06 09_5437 
Let’s move on to the last closet that I will show you today.  Yes,  this is a long post.  I have been busy around here!  I just want to start the summer off with a organized house so I can be outside with the kids and not worry about the house.  Does that sense to anyone else?
Next, I organized our storage closet.  I will show you the before picture in another post.  I am not done with this closet yet but this is what we did so far.
We added shelving to a coat closet and turned it into a storage closet.
2011 06 09_5438 
Now everything has a place!
2011 06 09_5439 
I keep the kid’s keyboard up top shelf and the tool box on the second.
2011 06 09_5440 
I bought all of these bins at Walmart  and they fit perfectly!
2011 06 09_5441 
They have different sizes so I can take advantage of the space.
2011 06 09_5442 
I filled up a lot of the bins.
2011 06 09_5443 
But I still have a lot of extra space to fill!!!  YAY!
2011 06 09_5444 
I love having everything organized!
2011 06 09_5446 2011 06 09_5447 
In that bin in the middle, I have our swimming gear…the water wings, sunscreen, water shoes, etc.
2011 06 09_5448 
In these bottom bins, I am keeping towels and other water blow-up toys!  I plan on switching these bins out seasonally for easy access!
2011 06 09_5449    
Here is one last look, lol~!
2011 06 09_5454
*Organizing Tips*
Get rid of stuff.  Toss, donate or sell items that are broken or unused.  Take a bin and try to fill it up with stuff to donate.
Go Through.  Go through clothes and check seasons and sizes. 
Remove.  Take away everything that is not needed or used.
Empty.  Take everything out to see what you have.
Decide.  Only keep what you really need.
Refill.  Be careful when putting everything back in.  SIMPLIFY!
Replace.  Replace items with ones that you need.
Designate.  Have a spot for everything! :) 
My challenge for you this week is to go through your closets and post about it here! 
I can’t wait to see them! :)
Please post up your organizing project of the week below!
(You can link up any organizing project that you have been working on!)
Organize your life

Have a great day! :)


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