Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Do you live with what you love?

Do you use the "good" dishes or store them away for special occasions only?

Do you save your best outfit for certain functions or do you wear it every chance you get?

Do you live in fear of breaking a treasure or getting a spot on your favorite clothing?

Do you have so much stuff stored away that you've forgotten what you even own?

We all do it. We keep our treasures safely tucked away, rarely using them for fear that we will do them harm. Why live that way I ask? If you love something enough to buy it then you deserve to use it every day. I'm foraging through every nook and cranny here in the land of PEA and if I don't love it anymore or don't plan to use it, then away it goes.

If I do love it, then into the light it comes. To be used. If it gets broken or made unfit in any way then oh well. There's more where it came from. I'm gonna live with my stuff. Fortunately for me, and for many of you as well, I like my stuff old and with character so what's another chip or flaw going to hurt?

I have a fabulous collection of antique FRENCH monogrammed sheets. Heavy nubby linen that feels glorious next to my skin. They make a fabulous top sheet for my bed and that's exactly where they will be from this point on. I can rotate a different one from time to time to limit the wear, but any wear that comes will only add to the charm. It's a true indulgence that I am giving to myself. Give the bed a light spray of linen water in lavender scent and it's a delicious way to drift off to dreamland.

So I encourage you to spoil yourself a little. Bring your treasures into the light and live with them everyday.

You deserve it...


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