Saturday, June 18, 2011

Organizing Cabinets {Water Bottles & Coffee Mugs}

Get Clean Cabinets

Welcome to Week 16 of our Organize your Life series!

Organize your LIFE

This week I decided to pick a kitchen cabinet and organize it.

I had a very busy week and didn’t want to do any projects this week, lol!

I have a corner cabinet that is kind of a weird for storing things but I like to keep our mugs, water bottles and lunchboxes in.

I started out my emptying everything out and washing the inside and out

2011 06 17_5612

Then, I found containers for all the items.

Here are my coffee mugs.  We have a fourth but my hubby always keeps that with him, lol.

2011 06 17_5587

Here are my water bottles.

2011 06 17_5588

They are so cute and I get a lot of compliments from them, lol!

2011 06 17_5611

I threw out any mismatched items and put everything back.

I keep the bottles and mugs on top.

2011 06 17_5605

I keep the lunchboxes on the bottom with a bin (I forgot to take a pic of it) behind it.  It has extra stuff in it like another bottle, huggies, etc.

2011 06 17_5606

Here is how it looks now! Smile

2011 06 17_5604

I feel that it is simple and organized and I can even put more in it if I want to.

*Organizing Tips*

Get rid of stuff. Toss, donate or sell items that are broken or unused. Take a bin and try to fill it up with stuff to donate.

Go Through. Go through and see if you use/need it.

Remove. Take away everything that is not needed or used.

Empty. Take everything out to see what you have.

Decide. Only keep what you really need.

Refill. Be careful when putting everything back in. SIMPLIFY!

Replace. Replace items with ones that you need.

Designate. Have a spot for everything! :)

For more tips, please check out Organize Now!  by Jennifer Ford Berry!!! Smile  I love her book!


What have you been organizing lately?

Show us by linking up!!!


(You can link up any organizing project that you have been working on!)

Organize your life

Have a great day! :)




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