Thursday, June 23, 2011

Organizing Party Supplies

Welcome to Week 17 of our Organize your Life series!
Organize your LIFE
Hello everyone! How is your summer going so far?  It has been rainy around here but we have been busy doing things with friends! Smile  The kids are loving “no school” but I have been making them do a little summer school with me so they don’t forget everything over the summer. They are not fans of this idea, lol.
Anyway,  I like to entertain and have parties over the summer so I wanted to make sure that I have enough supplies.  I like to use our regular plates (to save the planet and save money) but sometimes I need easy clean-up so I bought some party necessities that I will always have on hand.  I don’t want to run out and make a special trip to the store later.  I went to Walmart and stocked up {I think I bought the cheapest stuff, lol}.
Here is what I bought:
and more plates
2011 06 21_5657
Then I put everything into 2 bins to make it easier!
2011 06 21_5658
I put the bins the my new organized closet.
2011 06 21_5659
Having these things here and organized is just one more thing that I don’t need to worry about  (I have enough of that already, lol!)
Do you stock up on these items?
Since these things are in my closet,  I feel like I am still organizing my closets, hehe!
For more tips, please check out Organize Now! by Jennifer Ford Berry!!! Smile Start Organizing your Life today!
What have you been organizing lately?
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Have a great day! :)


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