Monday, June 27, 2011

Our Berry Garden

Here is a picture of me in my early twenties, standing in the yard of the house that I rented in Maine  for eleven years. Behind me is the neighbor's house that I think I decorated 
a thousand times (in my dreams). 

A blackberry hedge separated our yards, from which I harvested sweet blackberries for days on end, sometimes in the early cool hours of the morning, sometimes after the day had calmed just before the sun set. 

I have such fond memories of those days. I knew that when I owned a home, I'd have a berry garden of my own. 

My first berry garden includes five varieties of blueberries, and a friendly (thorn less) blackberry bush at the end of the fence. To keep the berries company are Little Lamb hydrangea on the left, underneath the dining room windows. 

We planted our berry garden just outside the dining patio, which is at the end of the hydrangea hedge. 

I'm so excited to pick our first berries!


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