Friday, July 1, 2011

It's Time.

It's been long enough. I'm a gal who best analyzes and learns and drives home (to my own brain) what I've learned by writing out my thoughts. This break from regularly writing here at Making Home has been necessary-- while I took time off to go intense with Turkish, and then to have Moses... but I need to be back in the habit of writing regularly. My mind gets all random and unfocused when I'm not regularly writing, and for the last couple years, I've been journaling in written form more...

but I think I need to do that here now.

There are so many thoughts swirling... and I can't say what I'll write here at Making Home in the future, because I don't have a "master plan". But I really intend to just start sharing my Bible studies, and solidifying my thoughts in this way. I've found that I rarely remember to go back and re-read things I've learned in when recorded in journals, and these things get lost and forgotten. Prayers, intentions, moments of insight or conviction, they all get written in longhand and then pass from memory. I don't want that to happen anymore. For some reason, I go back and re-read things here at Making Home. So this is a good place for me to start writing things down.

All of this is just a stream-of-conciousness statement of intent. So you know why the sudden change will take place, and also as a line in the sand for myself.

Feel free to remove me from your RSS feed if this no longer meets what you expect here at Making Home, and feel free to join up and comment even more freely if you want to. I have no idea exactly where this jalopy is headed, but I'm filling up the tank and heading for the open road... I welcome whoever wants to come along.


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