Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Planks or Drywall

wood panel walls1image here

We are at the point of deciding what to do with our walls in the new living and dining room. 

wood panel walls 3image here

As the original plank boards are going back up, I’m having second thoughts about them! 

wood panel walls 2image here

You see how in these pictures the plank boards are clearly separated with spaces? 

paneling1image here

Clean and neat.  Straight and spiffy. 

wood panel walls 7image here

Ours aren’t like that.  Our boards are so old and uneven, there is no way to get a clear line of distinction between each one.   Ours would look more like this:

wood panel walls 6
image here

And this:

wood panel walls 4
image here

And this:


Flawed.  Casual.  In a summer camp/cottage sort of way. 

wood panel walls 5
image here

Drywall is whispering in my ear, tempting me with it’s promise of a smooth clean surface and illusion of perfection. 

wood panel walls 8
image here

But our old sweet battered farmhouse is whispering in the other ear, begging for authenticity and freedom to be imperfect.   

Planks or drywall?  What would you choose?


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