Wednesday, July 20, 2011

When the Words Tumble Out

Recently I walked out of a large room full of people and my husband was just behind me. I wanted to stop by the restroom, so I told him, "I've got to go pott--y", and I just as I spoke that last syllable, I turned to find that I was talking to a stranger.

The man's response? "OK, but that's not normally what I talk about in my first conversation with someone!" :)

I couldn't help but giggle! Sometimes words just come out to the wrong person, or at the wrong time.

But God is so gracious... it is always the right time to talk to Him. He is always there to listen to our words as they tumble out of our mouths. Psalm 121 says, "the LORD Who keeps you will not slumber." Day or night, He is there. No matter your time zone. No matter the subject.

God is reminding me again to pour out my heart to Him (instead of bottling it up)... and to listen (instead of hurrying on my merry way). To fear Him (instead of only seeing Him as my gracious friend, also recognizing that He is Creator and LORD)... and to praise Him verbally (instead of simply admiring the beautiful things I see without speaking to Him about it).

The Father is drawing me back to a prayerfulness that I lost somewhere along the way, over this last year or two. I'm so thankful that He is. It's enriching my relationship with Him, drastically changing my attitude, and giving me joy and confidence in HIM.

It's always OK for our words to tumble out to our Father. He hears, He sees, He loves.


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