Thursday, August 25, 2011

Three Boys- Guest Post

Good morning everyone!  I am here today with another guest blogger!  Did I tell you that it is guest blogger week?  Sorry,  I must of forgot.  Anyway,  I will squeeze in a post or two this week but I have a lot of really neat guest bloggers lined up!
Today, we have Sarah, from Three Boys!  She is an amazing mother of three boys, she loves cooking, cleaning, organizing, blogging, painting and re-upholstering furniture!  She is here today to share one of her recent projects with us.  Thanks Sarah!

So I am cruising Craigslist on Friday night and found this little chair. I know I am a huge dork, rockin' out on a Friday night.
Anyway, I picked her up on Saturday morning with the hubs and brought her home. My original plan was to fix her up to sell.
Here she is after the old upholstery was removed. This needed to happen quickly since it was in a house with about a million cats. My husband is VERY allergic to cats.
Saturday afternoon while the twins were napping, I ran out to Joann fabrics with my four year old and we picked out this cute fabric for $6.99 a yard.
I painted the chair in Valspar's Filtered Shade, distressed with an 80 grit sanding block and sealed it with Johnson's Paste Wax. I attached the fabric with staples and Curve Ease for the back. The trim is a double welt which I attached with a glue gun set on high. Total time spent, 3 hours. Watch out, I am getting pretty fast!
I think she is just too cute to part with so I think she is going to be my chair in my new...... WORK SPACE! Oh that's right! Stay tuned for further developments and a reveal.
Thanks Sarah!  What a great job! Smile  Thanks so much for coming here today.
Please go check out Sarah’s blog and see what else she is working on! :
Have a great day!


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