Sunday, September 18, 2011

Bathing Hydrangea

When I noticed that our bouquet of hydrangeas were looking a little thirsty, I thought I'd give them a nice relaxing bath. I did this last year with another bouquet (also a mop head variety) and it gave them a nice refreshing pick me up. 

They look relaxed, don't they? 

My passion for hydrangeas has led us to plant more than ten varieties so far. The bathing hydrangea above are the Endless Summer variety. 

The other mop heads I've planted are: 

Nikko Blue
All Summer Beauty
Penny Mac

In conical varieties, we've planted: 

Little Lamb
Mini Limelight
Trepadora (climbing, although not climbing yet!)
Pee Gee
Pinky Winky 

Oops...  Who's this? 

Ahhhhh, it's our little Margaret. 

She was riding in the baby carrier while I took a few photos.


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