Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fruit and Yogurt Parfait: How to Make your Own!

2011 09 05_7968
Hello!  How are you doing today?  Anything new?  Did you start fall decorating yet?  What about fall cleaning?  I am about to start!  We have been busy with family but I plan on starting soon. If you follow me on facebook, then you know what I am talking about. 
Most of you know by know, that one of my goals as a Mother, is to create a healthy lifestyle for my family!  I love when we eat healthy and feel great!  I have showed you many of my easy and healthy meals and I am here today to show you another one. 
This is a lunch or snack that we like to make! It is yummy and full of fruit and yogurt!  This tastes like a dessert to them (and me too) because it is so delicious!! Smile 
We love to make our own fruit and yogurt parfaits!
This is what we used today…
2011 09 05_7955
Unsweetened Yogurt (we sweeten it ourselves with stevia or honey)
(You can use whatever you have, ours is always different.)
2011 09 05_7960
I just put everything into bowls for the kids to choose what they want!

This made it very fun! Smile
2011 09 05_7962
2011 09 05_7963
I always like to include fresh fruit!
2011 09 05_7964
So healthy too!
2011 09 05_7966
Then we just everything together!
2011 09 05_7967
And enjoy!
2011 09 05_79692011 09 05_7970
You can also mix it all together if you want.
2011 09 05_79782011 09 05_7979
Want is your favorite yogurt topping?
Have a great day!
Bonnie :)


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