Sunday, September 11, 2011

Our Anniversary

We just celebrated our 8th Wedding Anniversary and I started looking back at old photos of us through the years!  I just decided to post them for the fun of it!  It was exciting for me to go back and look through our old photos.  We started dating when we where 15,  we got married when we were 19 and I had a baby at 21, 23 and 25. 
Here are some photos.
This is on our Wedding Day!
2011 01 14_2041
Here we are in 2004!  I was 20 here.  We look so young here, lol!
Bonnie and Me at wedding
Now in 2005 after we had Grace.
Here we are in Florida.
Here I am in 2007 pregnant with Michael on Vacation.
I am 6 1/2 months pregnant at a casino in the Dominican Republic, lol!  (There was no smoking there.)
Here we are in 2007. Now we have two kiddos!
This was at a Children’s Museum.
Here we are downtown Chicago.
sc boscott bonnie
Now is 2008.
Here we are in Colorado when I was preggers.
Here we are 9 months pregnant with Matthew! (I got huge with all my pregnancies!)
Now, this is 2009 and we have 3 kids!  We were 25 here.
our family black and whiteus 2
Here we are in 2009.
Here we are in Wisconsin.
Our little family!
Here we are in the Bahamas.
100_2888@2009-08-23T16;59;012009 11 07_0930
Here we are in 2010 in Canada.
2010 07 05_59362010 07 05_59402010 08 01_81072010 08 01_8112OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         2010 11 25_07352010 10 16_0156OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         2010 06 26_5726
Here we are still in 2010 in Florida.
2010 09 02_90472010 09 02_9061
2010 12 18_24642010 12 25_16482010 12 18_1587
Here we are in 2011 in Wisconsin.
2011 02 05_2416
Here we are in 2011 in Mexico.
2011 03 02_27962011 03 04_26912011 03 04_2883
Here is our family on another trip to Florida.
2011 04 27_4196
Here we are in Washington DC.
2011 08 13_7350pictures of us
This year, for our Anniversary, Scott surprised me with this one evening!  (This was the FIRST TIME he ever surprised me!!)  He even set this up for me just like this too!
2011 08 18_8027
He bought me flowers.
2011 08 18_8028
He bought me my favorite chocolate!
2011 08 18_8029
He even made me a handmade card with the kids construction paper!
2011 08 18_8030
He knows I like these kind of cards the best!
2011 08 18_8031
Then he surprised me with this box!
2011 08 18_8032
I always wanted huge diamond studs!! 
2011 08 18_8035
Do you want to know a secret?
These are white sapphires!
What, did you think he really spent 30G’s on earnings…yeah right. We have kids to feed, lol!
These look like diamonds and they are a fraction of the cost. Love them!
So, anyway,  I hope you enjoyed looking at old photos of us.
I am sure you didn’t really care about this post but I thought my family and close friends that read my blog would enjoy see us through our married life.
How long have you been married?
Has your husband ever surprised you with anything before?
Have a great week!
Bonnie :)


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