Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Our Fall Tablescape {repost}

Good morning everyone!  Today, I am back with my fall tablescape!  I really liked how it turned out and I used it as my inspiration for my new fall header.
I LOVE decorating my tables.  So does my daughter!  I just say, “Grace, do you want to help me decorate?” and she comes yelling, “YEEESSSS!”  She is totally a little me, lol!  LOVE IT!
2010 11 13_0610
We decided to do a very simple and nature looking tablescape today.
2010 11 13_0611
She helped my with the pinecones.
2010 11 13_0613
I just love the simplicity of it!
2010 11 13_0614
I also love these dishes.  I bought this set at a garage sale for only $15.
2010 11 13_0614
The kids loved smelling the cinnamon sticks with me.
2010 11 13_0617
My baby wanted to throw the pinecones, lol!
2010 11 13_0618
That’s ok with me as long as it is not a plate.
2010 11 13_0626
I am really enjoying the straight lines of the plates and bowls.
2010 11 13_0620
The centerpiece is also nature inspired.
2010 11 13_0621
I used more cinnamon sticks, pinecones and acorns.
2010 11 13_0634
I just placed everything into a rectangle platter along with this arrangement.
2010 11 13_0624
I think they go well together.
2010 11 13_0622
Here’s another view.
2010 11 13_0623
And another.
2010 11 13_0639
OK, last one!  I promise.
2010 11 13_0628
So, there is my simple, nature-looking talblescape.
This is not too fancy.  Just simple and fun!
What do you use on your tables?
Have a great day!
Bonnie :)


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